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Petzl was created by Fernand Petzl. An inventor and caver, who spent his life experimenting with new vertical progression techniques. Fernand Petzl created completely innovative rope-access solutions for caving: using nylon rope instead of ladders in 1943; building the first ascenders and descenders in 1968.

In the beginning of the 1980s, his son, Paul Petzl, applied these tools to other vertical terrains: first to the mountains, with climbing and mountaineering, and then to the professional domain, with work at height and with rescue in difficult to access environments such as confined spaces, mountains, etc.

Petzl was founded on a commitment of: "Aiding progression towards the inaccessible". From the outset, this idea is in the spirit of founder Fernand Petzl who looked for solutions to the challenges presented by progression.

For 30 years, Petzl has been designing and distributing solutions that aid in commitment and progression on vertical and/or dark terrain with optimal efficiency, freedom and safety.Whilst looking to bring concrete solutions to the user, Petzl aims to solve the technical challenges encountered.

The company's greatest innovations have been the result of expertise, and also as a result of listening to clients their needs, experiences and ideas.

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