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Snugpak has traded for over thirty years, the product of an original cottage industry. In the late 1970s a deep sea diver (doing high risk repair work on oil rigs) saw a gap in the market for American style body warmers that he had seen his American co workers wearing to work. Unable to purchase these in the UK he set to work on the designs, making patterns on his kitchen table and learning to sew.

As demand grew he started to take on sewing staff and rented a small unit in the town. He started to advertise his products nationally at outdoor exhibitions, the range at this time had expanded into clothing and was about to leap into the pack size sleeping bags that the company famous for.

By the 1980s Snugpak was firmly established in the camping and outdoor market, word started to spread within the military about the superior performance of Snugpak sleeping bags and insulated clothing and it was not long before olive green options of product were widely available. Versions of the Snugpak Softie product have been used in every conflict since the Falklands war and have been specified and used by military forces around the globe including USA, Australia and Europe.

The 2000s have seen the company grow from a strong British manufacturing company into an internationally recognised brand, twice winning the Queens Award for Enterprise in International Trade.

Due to our expert knowledge of Snugpak products, the Adventure Centre team can provide advice and technical information about our Snugpak product range. Below are the Snugpak products that we sell. Find more tents in our camping tents shop where you can view kit from other brands including Force 10 and Vango.